Retro Character Sprite Images in the Style of Chrono Trigger

Got an awesome birthday gift today from my friend, Jacob Kuntzman!

A lot of my writing has been honed and shaped over the years through my work developing an epic-fantasy novelization of the classic role-playing video game (RPG), Chrono Trigger, a project still alive at  For those who aren't familiar, this is a 1995-era SNES game, one of the most highly revered RPGs of all time.  It was a much different time in gaming graphics, and back in this game the characters in game-play were shown as rather pixelated illustrations known as “sprites.”

Sprites from Chrono Trigger are all over the internet, including my own full collection at the old CTNP website.

Knowing I would completely geek out over this, Jacob took the initiative of having sprites created for a whole bunch of my Heroes of Time characters.  Here's the full spread:

Isn't that awesome?!

So you can get a better look, the full sprites are below.  Hope you enjoy!


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