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In many ways, Eliorin is very similar to Earth.  There are blue skies, warmer areas toward the equator and colder areas toward the poles, they breath oxygen...stuff like that.  Of course, they have planetary rings.  Earth doesn't have that.  Bluish colors are common in their vegetation.  Earth doesn't really have that, either.  So, in fact, there are some differences.  It's a different world, after all.

One of those differences, slight as it may be, is the length of years.  Technically a year on Eliorin is 425.2 days in length.  On Earth, each year should actually be 365.25 days, but instead of having a 6-hour day every year we use leap years, adding a day to the calendar every 4 years to make up for this.  Similarly, in Eliorin leap years take place every 5 years.

Eliorin's days are also longer: 28 hours versus 24 hours on Earth.  Hours, minutes, and seconds pass the same in both worlds.  (I don't know about you, but often I wish I had 28 hours in a day.)

This ultimately means that a person's age on Eliorin would actually be higher in Earth years.  For example, a 17-year-old on Eliorin would be just over 23 years old on Earth.  That said, the relatively pure atmospheric conditions keep their 17 year-olds looking much as they would here on Earth.  Longer days, longer youths, longer lives....  Doesn't sound half bad.

Calculate your age on Eliorin or check the age of an Eliorinian in Earth years below.

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