I've got some EXCITING NEWS!  I just confirmed that I can actually talk about this publicly, albeit with some limitations.

There's a super-cool project in the works right now: a documentary film about indie authors!  So far I've seen it titled “Indie Author, a Documentary” and “Dare to Dream,” so I'm not certain what the final title will be…but I'll be sure to share all the details I can as they unfold!  This documentary will feature prominent authors and figures in publishing, including Michael J. Sullivan, Robin Sullivan, Will Wight, Travis Baldree, Bryce O'Conner, Emilie Nikota (Delemhach), A.C. Cobble, Daniel Greene, M.L. Wang, Phil Tucker…

…and ME!

That's right!  You can add Wayne D. Kramer to that list - yours truly gets to be in the film as well!  I expect my part will be quite small compared to the others, but it's an exciting honor to be a part of this project just the same.  Heck, even just hanging out at the main filming location (the home of Michael and Robin) is an amazing opportunity!

There's at least one more very famous author who will be in this documentary that I'm not sure I'm supposed to share yet.

As of this post on May 14th, 2024, filming will take place this week.  I won't be allowed to share any pictures until they give me the go-ahead, but definitely look for more to come as I'm able to share it.  This should be an awesome and wild ride!

Here's a video preview of the project:

Also check out the project description on Kickstarter.

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